About PPSM

Prakash Padukone Sports Management Established 2002 Bangalore.

Prakash Padukone Sports Management was initiated to actively participate in the process of Popularizing the Sport of Badminton in the country by coaching players at all levels and providing avenues to involve passionate Badminton lovers thereby promoting the Sport. At our core we want to be a one stop solution for all Badminton needs. We sincerely believe in providing “Value for Money” for all associated with us. We do this by imparting Holistic training program for all ages and levels and by conducting International, National and State tournaments for popularizing the game and identifying talent. We aim to impact the game at all levels – Grass Root, Schools, Colleges, Corporates & Recreational players."The better players of PPSM, have a chance of training with the PPBA".

Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy Established 1994 Bangalore (PPBA).

The Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy (PPBA) was formed two decades back by two legends of Indian Badminton – Prakash Padukone (Former All England Champion and World No 1) and Vimal Kumar (Olympian and National Coach) for producing International Champions. True to its intentions the likes of Gopi Chand, Aparna Popat, Ashwini Ponnappa, Anup Sridhar, etc., have all trained under its tutelage and excelled at the International stage. The CURRENT WORLD TOP PLAYER Saina Nehwal is undergoing rigorous training too at our Academy, to scale further heights. For more than two decades our founders, have been spotting and coaching Badminton talent, on a pan India basis.